Make cross-functional commitments and discussions public

In many teams, individual or cross-functional goals are private or documented in stand-alone docs. Teams often rely on top-down meetings or duplicative discussions in Slack or email to reinforce how various goals connect with each other or other parts of the business are performing. It's no wonder, then, that when asked to identify the single greatest challenge to executing their company strategy, 30% of managers cite a failure to coordinate across units.

Cross-functional visibility is critical. In a study by HBS, only one-quarter of managers said their goals were understood by their counterparts in other divisions, functions, or business units. When employees don't know one another's goals, they are more likely to make unrealistic demands, focus on activities that don't support their colleagues, or duplicate efforts. Conversely, when goals from other teams are public, team members can connect the dots for themselves to see how their work supports the broader objectives or other colleagues.

The Metric Feed in Rally is designed to help individual team members focus on goals they directly own while facilitating awareness and discovery of relevant cross-functional metrics. Changes to your own metrics and your team's metrics always appear first, followed by recommended cross-functional metrics to follow. Ultimately, Rally is designed for visibility within _and across_ teams, so that metrics can continue to drive focus and impact as your company scales.

Here are several best practices we found in better sharing and establishing cross-functional goals:

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