Make each person's work matter.

Rally helps teams give metrics meaning:
with more clarity, better context, and stronger communication.

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Clarity on what's important

Progress toward goals begins with shared context. Begin each week knowing what happened, why, and who's working on what.

Subscribe to what's relevant

Organize metrics and topics you care about in Rally to keep tabs on them

Get personalized updates

Rally notifies you on learnings and progress regularly

Drive action and discussion

See what next steps are being taken directly from your inbox


Collect data from every platform and load it easily into Segment.


Send your data to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing.

Connect the thread of conversation and data

Say goodbye to silos of spreadsheets without frame of reference. Rally helps you see historicals – and the story – behind a metric in one place.

Streamline the work behind metrics

Create a single source of truth for definitions, goals, owners, and actuals

Understand why something worked – or not – before

Each change to goals and actuals, along with past threads, are kept with each metric's feed

Don't lose context and narrative

Add color to what's happened with anecdotes, shoutouts, and data

Better conversations and meetings, automatically

Rally reminds teammates to update metrics ahead of time, so that you can focus on the conversation instead of chasing information down.

Set recurring updates

Determine how and when metrics are updated ahead of time when they're created

Smart reminders

Rally reminds you and your team when metrics haven't been updated in a while

Pre-reads and previews

Get snapshots of metrics that teammates own ahead of time so that each 1x1 hits the ground running

Run your company faster than ever

Best-in-class templates to manage metrics for investor updates, company all-hands, team meetings and more – all dynamically updated.

Storytelling for effective teams

Use ready-made templates for all-hands and recurring team updates so that you can focus on narrative instead of copy-pasting

Operate in real time

Avoid showing outdated data when your templates automatically update alongside individual metrics

Communicate, your way

Customize your templates to curate which metrics are shown and how they're presented

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